Is your Computer FIT?
YOUR PC WOF (Warrant of Fitness) is just like a car, it’s good business to have it checked over to
identify any areas of weakness so you can help minimise the business risk of your computer failing.
It helps you schedule repairs, maintenance and sometimes replacement so you keep running
without the stress of a failure and inconveniencing your customers.

The PC-WOF is an online service utilising our standard TeamViewer Login and the PC-WOF Analysis

Hardware (computer box)

  • Check: approximated age of the PC
  • Review: PC Components
  • Recommend: re Dust/Heat (annual blow out)
  • Recommend: re Environment (clear air)

Operating System (Windows Version)

  • Check: Current versions (Service Packs)? (& not running XP or Vista)
  • Check: Windows Updates are current?
  • Check: Security updates for Java, Adobe, Shockwave that can be hacked.
  • Run: CCleaner (to remove un-used, deleted & unwanted files to help speed up your
  • Remove: Win 10 nag (if requested by you – order form)

Anti Virus Software

  • Check: that your subscription is current (Active)
  • Check: it’s up to date (Virus Definition)
  • Evaluation: of suitability of the software for business

Malware Software

  • Run: MalwareBytes (find potentially unwanted programs and settings that can hijack your
    browser (or worse).

Performance (how efficient (taxed) is your system) -

  • Check: CPU Speed - (%used)
  • Check: Memory - Size (%used)
  • Check: Hard Drive – Size fragmentation (%used)
  • Check: Internet Speed


At the end of the analysis you get a report & recommendations which tries to avoid technobabble so you make good decisions on where to from there. All for the low price of $50 (less than a standard car WOF!)
Order yours now

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    Mike is a very talented IT guy - a real life saver - many thanks for getting our firm's PC's running quicker & free of germs in such a quick time frame! And so affordable. Thanks again!  

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